Engineering Manager - Backend


South Jakarta, ID
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Industry: Education
  • Post Date: 06/23/2022
  • Website:
  • Company Address:

About Zenius

Developer of online education platform aimed at providing learning access services in Indonesian-language. The company's platform creates educational videos that are presented both online through the website and offline on CD and DVD media, enabling students to get critical, logical, rational and integrated scientific knowledge.

Job Description

What will you do?

  • You take engineering ownership of the design, implementation, and successful delivery of large-scale or significantly complex software that has a long-term impact on a product,technology or architecture.
  • Your design and the code you personally contribute results in significant improvements in one or more of the following at an organization-wide level: architectural quality, increasing development speed, extensibility, performance, scalability, testing, operational excellence.
  • You identify and tackle intrinsically hard problems. (e.g. highly complex, ambiguous, undefined, with less existing structure, or having significant business or security risk or potential for significant impact). You validate the priority of these problems before solving them.
  • You deliver artifacts that set the standard for engineering excellence, from designs to algorithms to implementations. Your personal code submissions and reviews of other people’s code are instructive and improve the codebase.
  • You lead and actively participate in design reviews and the RFC process, aligning teams towards coherent architecture. You bring clarity to complexity, probe assumptions, illuminate pitfalls, and foster shared understanding.
  • You are a pragmatic problem solver, applying judgment and experience to balance trade- offs between competing interests. You are flexible, adapting your approach to meet the requirements of the team, project, and product.
  • You do the “glue work”, doing the needed, but often invisible, tasks to keep the team moving forward and shipping its work.
  • You actively recruit for Grade as well as participate in the hiring/interview process. You can interview for other teams, adjusting your coverage to satisfy their specific needs.
  • You play a significant role in the career development of others, actively mentoring and educating other engineers on trends, technologies, and best practices. You impart not just knowledge, but skill sets.
  • You play a role in sponsorship, to help raise up the name of someone to help them get more opportunities to do visible, valuable work.
  • You keep abreast of industry trends. You effectively research and benchmark our technology choices against newly available ones.
  • You set the standard for engineering excellence in your technical family. Your architectures are exemplary in terms of efficiency, stability, extensibility, testability and the ability to evolve over time. Your software is robust in the presence of failures, scalable, and cost-effective.
  • Your coding practices are exemplary in terms of code organization, clarity, simplicity, error handling, and documentation.
  • You tackle intrinsically hard problems, acquiring expertise as needed. You decompose complex problems into straightforward solutions.
  • You are adept at building consensus.
  • You are the origin of significant technical contributions to our architecture and infrastructure.
  • You take technical ownership of the design and quality of the security, performance, availability, and operational aspects of the software built by one or more teams. You identify where your time is needed, transitioning between coding, design, and architecture based on project and team needs.
  • You deliver software in ways that empower teams to self-service, providing clear adoption/migration paths.
  • You amplify your impact by leading design reviews for complex software and/or critical features.
  • You probe assumptions, illuminate pitfalls, and foster shared understanding. You align teams toward coherent architectural strategies.
  • You educate other engineers, both at an individual level and at scale: keeping the engineering community up to date on advanced technical issues, technologies, and trends. Examples include onboarding bootcamps for new hires, interns, specific skill-gap training development, and sharing specialized knowledge to raise the technical bar for other engineers/teams/dev centers.

Minimum Qualifications

What makes you a match for us?

  • 7+ years working in a technological role working as an IC engineer.
  • Is a programmer who is a role model.
  • Supremely tech savvy, able to wear multiple hats such as being an awesome programmer, application developer, technical architect, database designer.
  • Large scale software product engineering experience with contemporary tools and delivery methods in a complex environment (i.e. DevOps, CI/CD, Agile, etc.).
  • Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • Must be knowledgeable about industry trends, best practices, and change management.

Perks and Benefits

  • Work from HomeWork from Home

Jobs Summary

Entry Level / Junior, Apprentice
IT and Software
Bachelor's degree graduate

About Zenius Education

Zenius Education is the pioneer for Education Technology (EdTech) in Indonesia since 2004, founded by teachers passionate about learning, problem-solving, and establishing strong foundations on scientific thinking. From our early beginnings releasing DVDs, to launching a website in 2010, we developed a strong following for our educational content through our teaching methods. We have now released our powerful content library of more than 80.000 videos into the market, and the company has raised Series A funding from investors. We are about to embark on a hyper-growth phase to accelerate learning outcomes for students in Indonesia. Delivering a great learning experience for students is of high importance for us. Especially in the time of COVID-19 school shutdown. Our mission is to keep #IndonesiaTetapBelajar.

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