Senior Advisor - NBS Carbon


  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Professional Svcs
  • Industry: Sustainability
  • Post Date: 06/07/2024
  • Website:
  • Company Address: , Singapore, Singapore

About Thryve.Earth

Thryve is a technology-enabled carbon project in development. They analyze, design, and finance carbon projects in order to meet net-zero targets and regenerate the planet’s ecosystems.

Job Description

We are looking for senior experts who are ‘Nature Based Solutions’ carbon specialists, with deep experience developing and validating nature-based carbon projects, to advise our team. Ideally, you should have the skillset to independently codify the entire process with a deep understanding of underlying methodologies and science, and advise on actual field work essential for project development. Specific needs:

  • 5-10 years of experience in nature-based carbon project development and certification with experience leading the Verra registry related process
    • Additional experience with other registries (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo, Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry, and/or other compliance market standards) and an ability to compare and contrast is a plus
  • Experience involved in end to end project development for multiple tropical forestry and peatland projects - primarily REDD+ with a mix of APDD, AUDD, WRC and ARR scenarios based on Verra (VCS) methodologies, including associated documentation preparation (e.g. feasibility assessments / project idea notes / project design documents, validation and verification documents)
    • Additional experience with other structures (e.g. blue carbon, agriculture related) is a plus
  • Deep understanding of calculations essential to articulate carbon baselines, and project scenarios, and the data essential to perform those calculations
  • Experience collecting, manipulating, analysing and interpreting scientific data, spatial analysis and/or GIS
  • Experts may have a background in biology, ecology, climate, or environmental sciences / engineering, natural resource management or related field
  • Professional experience in Southeast / South Asia is essential
  • Connections in the Natural Climate Solutions ecosystem, specifically with other technical experts, and ability to leverage inputs from different quarters

📝 Responsibilities

Work hand in hand with our carbon team and advise and deliver in these key areas:

  • Technical development
    • Collaborate with the project implementers, consultants and service providers to deliver required technical analysis (pre-feasibility and feasibility studies) for projects launched in multiple countries across SEA
    • Build templates for calculating GHG emission reductions and removal potential of conservation & restoration initiatives
    • Codify back-end data structures required to streamline the technical analysis e.g. methodology applicability, carbon yield calculations etc
    • Co-design project activities along with project implementers following the applicable carbon standards and methodologies
    • Oversee the technical aspects of monitoring, reporting and verification activities
    • Travel as required to project sites in SEA
  • Procedures
    • Identify challenges in current approaches to technical analysis and design
    • Co-develop solutions with the carbon, product and engineering teams including QA/QC, gathering feedback and iterating on offering
  • Capacity building
    • Support the wider team in gaining a deeper understanding of processes used at various stages of the analysis and design of carbon projects
    • Create collateral for various stakeholders to streamline the onboarding process and on-going implementation of analysis and design.

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